Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Going Dark to Get Something Out the Door

Why aren't I posting? For awhile I was suffering from something that Ken Brittain talked about on his blog:

“Originally I had planned to use the blog to tell the story of my MicroISV development. It turns out that writing about creating software doesn’t actually create any software.”

So on or before May 1st 2007, you will see the uberdorky thing I am doing right now instead of writing on this blog. I'm going to throw it up and put a google checkout interface on it, and let it sink or swim, but it will demonstrate what I have been doing and will be a good practice business (aka a MicroISV).

What has been going on:

  1. I'm learning modern web development (Div/CSS based development)
  2. I'm tying what I already know (The programming language python) into a platform for web applications (django)
  3. I'm learning basic businessey things like corporate taxes, breakeven points, bookeeping with Quickbooks, etc.

1 and 2 are geeky and off topic
I'm communicating as much of #3 stuff as I come across, however there is only so much a sane human being wants to know about ledger entries in Quickbooks.

Tomorrow I meet with someone who's got some contacts in an under served industry, and I'm going to see if we can find an arrangement and model that would make sense to serve them. I'm afraid of a tough talk about risk and pie slicing may have to go at that meeting, but if it goes well and I meet with the actual underserved folk themselves, I may have something that has legs.

Lastly, I'd like to apologize about being as vague as I am on this blog. I wanted to do a tell all blog that was real time published as I went along. It would be one thing if I was the only person involved, but I'm not, and I wouldn't be doing the other people justice by shining this 3000W bulb into our dealings at this early stage.


PS: I do understand the irony of using a stock blog template after purporting to have learned CSS/Div development. You'll obviously notice when I decide to shave the yak that is tweaking this blog's template.


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