Friday, December 01, 2006

Paying my debts to those who've helped so far

Books I've used so far in this quest towards running a business (with ratings) in this deal:
  • The One Page Proposal Wow. It shows how to put down the financial aspects of a deal along with the salient points that can by digested by anyone.
  • Anatomy of a Business Plan Goes through each and every part of a business plan (Operational, Financial and Marketing). Has sample plans as well.
  • Getting Things Done is a book by David Allen that lays out a method for tracking your commitments and getting the granularity of your to-do lists down to a level you can easily knock out like widgets through a factory.
  • Thinking Strategically is the book on how to make correct decisions in situations where people who's interests are even partially at odds. Good at showing the value of Regan's "Trust but Verify" adage.

Blogs I've used so far:

A site and podcast I've listened a lot to in all this is:


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