Friday, November 17, 2006

Why such a weird company to start with?

I'm currently contracting through a recruitment service. I only had an obligation to do this for 6 months, and there are few advantages to me to continue doing so. They're primarily a company that works for other companies to find talent, not to serve talent.

Rowdy Labs is a place where I can:
1. Do consulting/contracting in my field (Embedded Firmware/Systems Programming)
2. Start smaller ventures with liability protection without having all the paperwork in the way as an impediment.
3. Keep money I intend to reinvest in business in the business. Taking the money out as salary/draws then putting it back in has both financial planning and tax issues.
4. Easily spin off ventures "getting too big to share the playhouse" or that need to allow other people to have equity in the company.
5. Deduct real business costs (I buy 600-$1k worth of technical books some years, the laptop I use solely for work is about to fall apart, etc).



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