Saturday, December 16, 2006

Writing the Business Plans

I'm currently building out my business plans out to something that can at least make them worth evaluation by the steak dinner crew I mentioned before. I've got 2 down (mostly) and I'm about to break into the 3rd and last that I'm going to evaluate this month.

While doing this process, I've noticed there is a screaming need for a business plan book that allows you to make a very small plan. This isn't something you should be running a big concern with, but it's something everyone could do (down to ebay auctioneers and non-profit animal rescues). I know the small format I've been looking for is not covered any place or in any of the several books I've looked though.

Again, the reason I'm going small format on the business plan is not laziness, or lack of thought, its that I'm not sure which of the three ideas I will be perusing come February. Getting the ideas down on paper will allows souls more objective than myself to reject or cheer on the plan.

I'm going to publish the format (and perhaps the bplan itself) when I'm done writing the actual plans.

Meanwhile, I came across these links which would be useful to this audience:



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