Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Adsense and Amazon Associates

Some people have called the new set of web services that have sprung up since the dot-com crash "Web 2.0".

Still other people have said, that we'll know when web 2.0 crashes when Google's stock price crashes: Many web 2.0 services and sites survive on Adsense revenue.

Adsense is the blue box of ads in the upper left hand corner. This also is how A-list bloggers make their living, and google justifies the costs of services such as Gmail. There is a simple bit of text I paste into my blog. I get the set of text from google. The code that I pasted in will start showing ads there after a couple days from the time you paste it in (I put the code there on Friday, the ads showed up on Monday afternoon).

I signed up for Adsense not because I expect the normal readers of this blog to particularly be interested in the services of the ads served to them, but because if I ever get "slashdotted" (hit with thousands of viewers from a link on a popular website), the Adsense revenue from that is something worth talking about, and will pay to rebuild my (virtual) server which would most certainly (virtually) melt.

Some of my ideas involve Adsense revenue as part of their business model; getting the account and learning how to use it now on a blog will knock down that obstacle for the future. (And taught me interesting things, like the time delay between setup and first show).

What's Amazon Associates? It is an affiliate program by amazon.com that makes it so third parties, such as myself can build links to their site, then get a portion of the revenue on the sale of the item linked to. I personally was an affiliate because I posted a lot about books on message boards (I'm a big reader, over 100 books a year). Other people asked for links rather than just titles. Links to amazon are a lot of work mind you (you can't always just copy the url from your browser), so this way I'd have a small incentive to go through the link rigmarole. This program has been around since 1996, and will direct deposit into your bank account every time you hit some milestone ($100?) or at the end of every quarter.

Again, one of the ideas I'm throwing around involves Amazon Associate referrals, so I figured it is time to get a Rowdy Labs LLC account in order to facilitate future action by removing impediments


Amazon Associates


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