Monday, December 04, 2006

How to read this site


Why should you do RSS? RSS is a system for reading as many sites as you'd like in a format that is quick to get to. RSS also allows you to see what sites have updated since you last read them, making it so you don't have to click through to get to the site. You subscribe to them (it's free to do so) by clicking on a link like I have down on the right, or by clicking the little orange icon in the URL bar that looks like concentric moons(). The sites will all show up in an application you've called a reader. Most users of RSS feeds seem to use online readers, such as Google Reader and My Yahoo.

If you're not using RSS, you're missing out. Google Reader is my reader of choice, but there are several other readers out there, which aren't at all affiliated with google.

Most sites have feeds now, from blogs, to the New York Times, to Stock tickers and web comics. It is the way to do all your browsing in a quickly digestible form. You can blow through an additional 10-25% of sites when you don't have to really navigate them.

If you make an account with any of the sites listed down on the right, that will get you going quickly. I recommend you click the "+ Add to my Google" button and join the new way to read the web. Then you don't even have to check back to see if I've updated: You'll see it in your feed reader.



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